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Photographs taken at the dress rehearsal and performances of The Nativity, January 2014.

The Nativity 2014 - Photo Gallery


I am gracious and great, Got withouten beginning.

The beams of my brighthood are burning so bright!

Four fine fillies.

At last! At Last! Four! Lo , here! Better grew I none this year.

We women must hary all ill husbands. I have one, by Mary.

Dove, bird fully blest, fair may thee befall!

Ah, son, my heart will break in three, to hear thee speak such words to me.

The Butchers

The Butchers' Sword Dance

Forsooth, I am a maiden clean.

Lay Me Low

T'buxom... and brainy... Herod... and son!

Lord, how they sleep hard!

Aye, so! He is like to our sheep.

I bide, I beat, I loose, I bind. I master the moon. Take this in mind - That I am most of might.

Ah! A very fair meeting! I have held to my telling: Have a bob of cherries.

Out on you, thieves, I cry! Ye slay my seemly son.

I am sent from God - Death is my name.

The Star

The Company and Band


Photographs by Jo Prince & Jane Brewster