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Photographs taken at the dress rehearsal of Doomsday, October 2008.

Doomsday 2008 - Photo Gallery

Jesus confronts Ribald and Beelzebub
Ye princes of hell, open your gate
And let my folk forth go.

Jesus confronts Satan
Thou wicked fiend, let be thy din!

The three Marys mourn.
My sorrow is all for that sight
That I did see,
How Christ, my master, most of might
Is dead from me!

The angels guard the tomb
I see two sit where we wend to
In white clothing

The soldiers find the empty tomb
What! Out! Alas! What shall I say?
Where is the corse that herein lay?

Now hearken what that ye shall say
To ilka men by night and day,
That fifty thousand men in good array
Came you until,
With force of arms bare him away
Against your will.

Mary Magdalene recognises Jesus in the garden
Rabony, my lord so dear,
Now I am whole that thou art here.

The herring song
For mi fine fry of herring
Mi bonny silver herring
Mind how you sell them
While the merry, merry bells do ring!

Jesus eats with the disciples
Thou loving lord that last shall ay,
Lo, here is meat that thou eat may,
A honeycomb, the sooth to say,
And roast fish too.

The Archangel Gabriel visits Mary
Hail! mightful Mary, God's mother so mild!...
...He sends thee worthily, I wis,
This palm out of Paradise.

Mary dies
Lay me Low,
Where no one can see me
Where no one can find me
Where no one can hurt me.

Mary's funeral procession
We're on our way to that fair land,
Where the soul never dies.
Where all is joy and peace and love,
And the soul of man never dies.

Mary's bier
Now, holy Brethren, this body let us take
And with all the worship we may lay it in the grave,
Touching it all at once; for her son's sake.

God speaks to humankind
First when I this world had wrought,
Wood and wind and waters wan,
And all kind of thing that now is ought,
Full well me thought that I did then.

The judgement.
For wickedness and woeful lies,
Damned are we to hell full deep.


Ribald Beelzebub Satan
But, sirs, I you all tell,
If Doomsday had come much later,
Then we'd have had to build our hell
Grimmer... Grander... Greater!

Empty cross
This aye neet
Every neet and all.
Fire and fleet and candle leet.
And Christ tak up thy soul.

The Company, Band and Technical Crew

Photographs by Charlotte Lucas, David Kestell and Kate Brewster