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Photographs taken at the dress rehearsal of The Nativity, March 200.

The Passion 2007 - Photo Gallery

Preparing for the Last Supper
Wash on, my Lord, till all be wet,
Both head and hand, I beseech thee.

The Last Supper
This bread that I do bless and break
It is my corse no common crust.

Annas and Cayphas
There is a rank swain
Whose rule is not right
For he teaches folk him to call
Great God's son; thus grieves he us all.

Pilate and Percula
Lo, Pilate am I, proved prince of great pride…
... I am Dame Precious Percula, of princesses the prize.

Judas speaks to Pilate
Sir Pilate most potent a plea I pursue
That Jesus, that Jew, I would sell unto you.

Judas explains his plan
… Take care then that caitiff to catch
Whom there I shall kiss.

Peter fights the soldiers
Here with a lash, lurdan, I shall thee allow.

The crown of thorns
On Sheer Thursday and all in the morning
They made a crown of thorns for our Heavenly King.

Jesus carries the cross
Look up, look up,
The shepherd takes his place.

Mary Salome
This sign shall bear witness
Unto all people plain,
How God’s son here guiltless
Is put to peerless pain.

The Knights
Sir knights, take heed and hither hie
This fastenin' up falls to us four.

Mary at the cross
For my sweet son I say,
Thus dolefully death thus is dight.

Jesus cries out to God
Heloy! Heloy!
My God, my God full free,
Lama Sabatnye!
Wherefore forsook thou me?

Jesus on the cross
I tell you that I saw him die
And he was God’s son almighty.

The Company
And we sing allelujah
At the turning of the year
And we work all day in the old-fashioned way
Till the shining star appears.

The Easter Day cross
God grant you grace that you may know
The truth some day.

Photographs by Charlotte Lucas and Jane Brewster