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Photographs taken at the dress rehearsal of The Nativity, January 2006.

The Nativity 2006 - Photo Gallery

Ego sum, alpha et omega, vita, via, veritas, primus et novissimus...

Creation Dance
The Creation Dance

Satan tempts Adam and Eve
Why trust thou not me?

Cain and Abel
Come kiss the devil right in the arse; because of thee it burns the worse

Noah's Ark
This is a perilous case. Help, God, when we call!

Abraham and Isaac
Then you must do what God has bid. But tell not my mother what you did.

The Butchers' sword dance
The Butchers' Sword Dance

Lay Me Low
Lay Me Low

Herod and Son
I'm bold, the blood-shedder, my bairn has the brains.

The Three Kings
Methinks, lords, by my fay, the star it standeth still.

The shepherds
Whose tups are these?

Mak and his wife
This twelvemonth was I not so fain for a slice of sheep-meat.

Mary and Joseph
Lullay, lullay thou little tiny child...

I am sent from God - Death is my name.

Singing Shepherds Arise
Shepherds arise!...

Photographs by Piers Samwell-Smith