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The cast, musicians and production team of Doomsday, October 2016.

Doomsday 2016 - The Company

The Cast

Adam Tom Venables
Angels Eden Hodgson, Emma Nichols Cook
Beelzebub Poppy Hollman
Eve Eden Hodgson
Isaiah Malcolm Watson
Jesus Andrew Barr
Ribald Jo Prince
Satan Rob Spray
Annas Rod Petty
Cayphas Richard Bray
Mary Magdalene Charlotte Lucas
Mary Mother Bea Deviny
Mary Salome Sharon Milazzo
Pilate Bill Prince
Soldier 1 Rob Spray
Soldier 2 Ian Shadbolt
Soldier 3 Andrew Green
Soldier 4 Poppy Hollman
Cleophas Ian Shadbolt
Lucas LM
Apostles Mel Webb, Ian Shadbolt
Jacob Malcolm Watson
John Andrew Green
Paul Rod Petty
Peter Ed Whittle
Thomas Tim Brewster
Archangel Gabriel Charlotte Lucas
Women Mel Webb, Jo Prince
Citizens The Company
God Andrew Green
Philip Emma Nichols Cook
Good Souls Sharon Milazzo, Ian Shadbolt, Mel Webb, LM, Tom Venables, Malcolm Watson
Bad Souls Rod Petty, Richard Bray, Bill Prince, Jo Prince, Bea Deviny

Musicians - Twangling Jack and Friends

Liz Barr Keyboard, Percussion
Tom Brewster Drums
Kate Brewster Soprano Saxophone, Flute
Tim Brewster Guitar
Liz Schofield Trombone
Tom Chapman Bass Guitar
Polly Gough Bassoon
Bill Prince, Kate Brewster,
Tim Brewster, Poppy Hollman,
Ed Whittle

Production Team

Director Tim Brewster
Producer Jane Brewster
Lighting Valdis Bulazs, Lightning Lloyd
Musical Director Tim Brewster
Audio Visual Jane Brewster
Set Construction Tim Brewster
Props & Costumes Jane Brewster, Jo Prince, Mel Webb
Front of House & Bar Sharon Tew
Website & Publicity Jane Brewster

The additional musicians and production team will be added to this page when available.