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The cast, musicians and production team of The Passion, March 2007.

The Passion 2007 - The Company

The Cast

John Baptist Andrew Green
Angel Ruth Lusby
Jesus Andrew Barr
Blind Man Paul Jenkins
Poor Man Adam Buxton
Philip Martin Stickley
Peter Steve Machan
Judas David Kestell
Marcellus Tom Brewster
Andrew Tony Isherwood
John Paul Jenkins
Pontius Pilate Rob Spray
Percula Jenny Goldney
Cayphas Richard Bray
Annas Rod Petty
Knights Rob Spray, Tony Isherwood, Roy Taylor, Martin Stickley
Malcus Adam Buxton
Barabbas Paul Jenkins
Hepzibah Sandra Nightingale
Mary Mother Rosemary Gentry
Mary Magdalene Lucy Nightingale
Mary Salome Heather Buxton
Simon of Cyrene Andrew Green
Death Andrew Green
Bag Lady Jo Spray
People of Jerusalem David Brewster, Laraine Coney, Mike Gibbons, Jane Hay, Ruth Hogg, Sheila Hope, Chris Knell, Cathy Swift & The Company


Liz Barr Keyboard, Percussion
Jane Brewster Drums, Percussion, Descant Recorder
Kate Brewster Soprano Saxophone, Flute
Tim Brewster Vocals, Melodeon, Guitar, Treble Recorder, Piano, Hurdy-Gurdy
Pete Francis Trombone
Mike Gibbons Piano
Polly Gough Bassoon
Mark Reeve Bass Guitar, Percussion
Margaret Stevenson Trumpet, Guitar, Percussion
Cathy Swift Vocals, Bouzouki

Production Team

Directors Cathy Swift and Tim Brewster
Producers Jo Spray and Jane Brewster
Musical Director Tim Brewster
Choreography Jane Brewster
Lighting Julie Blake, Will Jenkins and Dave Jones
Sound Dave Jones
Set Construction David Betts, Len Savage and The Company
Props and Costumes Gill Betts and Anne Claypole-White
Front of House David Betts, Colin and Helen Knight, David Nightingale and Carol Petty